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ZKX stands as the pioneering perpetual futures DEX on Starknet, offering self-custody and genuine community governance. Their primary goal is to promote equal access to global yields by providing opportunities to individuals worldwide.

Having secured $4.5 million in funding from prominent investors like StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi,, and others, ZKX is set to introduce its own token, aptly named “ZKX.” Additionally, they have hinted at the possibility of conducting an airdrop, which could potentially benefit early users who have actively participated in the testnet actions.

To engage with ZKX and potentially partake in the airdrop, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the ZKX testnet page by clicking here.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and proceed to sign a message.
  3. Upon completion, you will receive 10,000 testnet USDC. Kindly note that it may take a few minutes for the tokens to be credited, so we kindly request your patience.
  4. Navigate to the left section and click on “Trade” to begin executing trades.
  5. Make an effort to engage in numerous testnet trades on the platform.
  6. For additional involvement, click on the “?” symbol located at the top-right corner of the page. Feel free to provide feedback and participate in their Zealy quests by clicking here.
  7. It has been confirmed that ZKX intends to launch their own token, “ZKX,” and has hinted at the possibility of rewarding early users with an airdrop. Consequently, users who have actively participated in testnet actions are likely to receive the airdrop upon token launch.
  8. Please bear in mind that while an airdrop to early users has been suggested, there is no guarantee of its occurrence. The potential for an airdrop remains speculative.

If you’re intrigued by projects that currently lack a native token but have the potential to airdrop governance tokens to early users in the future, we recommend exploring our comprehensive list of potential retroactive airdrops. Stay informed and don’t miss out on the next opportunity for a free mint airdrop!

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