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Sui represents an intelligent contract platform that operates through a decentralized group of validators, who assume roles similar to validators or miners found in other blockchain systems. Developed using the Rust programming language, Sui supports the implementation of smart contracts written in Sui Move, an asset-centric adaptation of Move specifically designed for the Sui blockchain. This adaptation enables the definition of assets that can possess an owner. Moreover, Sui possesses its own native token, referred to as SUI, which has a fixed supply. The SUI token serves as a means of payment for gas fees, while users have the ability to stake their SUI tokens with validators following a Delegated Proof-of-Stake model within an epoch.

Mysten Labs, the creator of Sui, has built an L1 blockchain and successfully secured $336M in funding from notable investors such as Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and a16z crypto. They have announced their intention to launch their exclusive token named “SUI” and reward early adopters. It is highly likely that users who participate in the devnet or testnet phases will be eligible to receive an airdrop when the token is officially launched.

Here is a step-by-step guide to engage with the Sui platform:

  1. Begin by downloading the Sui wallet for the Chrome browser from this link.
  2. Create a new wallet to get started.
  3. Experiment with creating multiple addresses within the wallet.
  4. Ensure that you are connected to the “Devnet” network.
  5. Click on the “Request Devnet SUI” option to obtain devnet SUI tokens. Alternatively, you can also acquire devnet tokens from their Discord channel.
  6. Choose the “Stake & Earn SUI” feature, select a validator, and proceed to stake your SUI tokens.
  7. Experiment with sending SUI tokens to multiple addresses.
  8. Take the opportunity to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) built on the Sui platform, such as the Sui Name Service or Suiswap. For a comprehensive list of projects being developed on Sui, please visit this page.
  9. As mentioned earlier, Mysten Labs intends to reward early users upon the launch of the “SUI” token. Therefore, participating in the devnet or testnet phases increases the likelihood of eligibility for an airdrop.
  10. Please note that while there is speculation about potential airdrops to early users, there is no guarantee that they will be carried out.

If you’re intrigued by projects that currently lack a native token but have the potential to airdrop governance tokens to early users in the future, we recommend exploring our comprehensive list of potential retroactive airdrops. Stay informed and don’t miss out on the next opportunity for a free mint airdrop!

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