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EigenLayer, an Ethereum-based protocol, introduces a novel concept called restaking, which serves as a crucial element in enhancing cryptoeconomic security. This groundbreaking feature enables users to reuse their ETH on the consensus layer. Participants who stake their ETH directly or through a liquid staking token (LST) can voluntarily engage with EigenLayer’s smart contracts to restake their ETH or LST. By doing so, they extend the realm of cryptoeconomic security to various applications on the network while earning additional rewards.

Although EigenLayer currently lacks its own token, there are prospects for its future launch. Recently, they unveiled a Stage 1 testnet and are anticipated to release the Mainnet soon. Those early users who actively participate in the testnet activities may even receive an airdrop if EigenLayer introduces its own token.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Begin by visiting the EigenLayer testnet page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Switch the network to Goerli.
  4. Currently, there are two pools available for testing: Lido’s stETH and Rocket Pool’s rETH. Therefore, you will require stETH and rETH.
  5. Initially, obtain Goerli ETH from this faucet.
  6. Send the Goerli ETH to Lido’s stETH token contract address: “0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F”. Once your transaction is complete, you will automatically receive Lido’s stETH tokens.
  7. Visit the Rocket Pool testnet page and stake your Goerli ETH to acquire Rocket Pool’s rETH.
  8. At this point, you will possess both Lido’s stETH and Rocket Pool’s rETH testnet tokens.
  9. Return to the EigenLayer testnet page and select “Rocket Pool ETH.” Stake your rETH, then choose the “Lido Staked Ether” pool and stake your stETH.
  10. For further details about the testnet, consult this informative article.
  11. While EigenLayer currently lacks its own token, there is a possibility of its future launch. Therefore, early users who complete the testnet actions might be eligible for an airdrop if EigenLayer introduces its own token.
  12. It’s important to note that there is no guarantee regarding the occurrence of an airdrop or the launch of EigenLayer’s native token. Such possibilities remain speculative.

If you’re intrigued by projects that currently lack a native token but have the potential to airdrop governance tokens to early users in the future, we recommend exploring our comprehensive list of potential retroactive airdrops. Stay informed and don’t miss out on the next opportunity for a free mint airdrop!

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