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Cashmere, powered by LazyerZero, is a revolutionary cross-chain solution that facilitates secure cross-chain swaps and offers a user-friendly platform for individuals worldwide to exchange assets across different chains.

Currently, Cashmere does not possess its own native token, although there are plans for a potential token launch in the future. Those who have actively participated in testnet activities may be eligible for an airdrop if Cashmere decides to introduce its own token.

To make use of Cashmere, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the Cashmere testnet page.
  2. Connect your wallet and choose your desired blockchain.
  3. Access the “Dashboard” and acquire testnet tokens for the chains you intend to utilize.
  4. Proceed to the “Swap” section, select the source chain and the token you wish to exchange, and then designate the destination chain and the token you desire to receive.
  5. Execute the swap transaction.
  6. Explore the option to perform swaps on various chains and tokens.
  7. Engage in Guild tasks and embark on Zealy quests.
  8. Don’t forget to claim your Early Adopter NFT and Galxe OAT.
  9. Join the Cashmere Discord channel and obtain the appropriate roles.
  10. Early users who have actively participated in testnet actions may be rewarded with an airdrop if Cashmere launches its own token.
  11. Please bear in mind that the occurrence of an airdrop or the launch of Cashmere’s native token is purely speculative and not guaranteed.

If you’re intrigued by projects that currently lack a native token but have the potential to airdrop governance tokens to early users in the future, we recommend exploring our comprehensive list of potential retroactive airdrops. Stay informed and don’t miss out on the next opportunity for a free mint airdrop!

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